Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften


Sustainability means offering coming generations an existence worth having through the responsible treatment of resources, other creatures and the biosphere. Doing business sustainably means not consuming more than in each case can be regrown, regenerated and provided again in the future. If something is sustainable, it is long-lasting, preserving, conserving, environmentally-compatible and it makes sense.
Ecology, economy and social aspects form the three pillars of sustainability in companies, societies and countries. The earth’s ecosystems cannot be preserved if we continue as before and if no decisions are taken on sustainability. Sustainability in everyday life: Save energy, do without your car more often, save water, shop sustainably, avoid packaging made of plastic and aluminium, change your eating habits, separate, collect and recycle waste correctly.

Did you know that some of Dreisol’s products contain raw materials of vegetable origin?

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Environmentally-friendly coating systems are the foundation of our corporate success. They include water-miscible, solvent-free and low-solvent coating systems. Protection of the environment is one of most important corporate goals from an ecological and economic perspective. We have an obligation towards are fellow citizens and generations to come to protect the environment. In the future, we will continue to target the development and production of environmentally-friendly coating systems, and in the process we will not ignore the possibility of using renewable raw materials.