Paint devekopment

With a highly motivated, young team of paint engineers and paint laboratory technicians, we develop needs-based and customised paint systems for metals, plastics, foils, paper and glass. For this purpose, our laboratory staff have the latest raw materials from the global chemical industry available for their development work. Our focus is on the customer, with whom – following a requirements analysis – we undertake an optimal selection of products and agree on a customer-related product development. This way, we ensure that our paint solutions satisfy the most demanding requirements in the market.


Paint production

At our location in Bad Holzhausen, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce over 3,000 tons of industrial coatings for metals, plastics, foils, paper and glass. The production ensues in batch sizes ranging from 300 kg to 10,000 kg based on cutting-edge manufacturing processes to ensure that our customers always receive the best quality. The individual production areas are designed so as to enable the universal manufacture of solvent-based, solvent-free and water-thinnable paints and coating systems. The design of our plant allows us to keep the emission of solvents to a minimum, thus protecting the environment. A well trained team of specialists ensures a smooth production process on a daily basis, while providing for a professional manufacturing control. The traceability of each production batch is guaranteed by formulation records and retention samples.


Metering automation

In order to be able to react quickly to your order and in reliable quality, we use innovative, barcode-controlled metering units to produce quantities ranging from 5 to 500 kg. In doing so, we use self-developed and our own manufactured base coatings and tinting pastes. We meter these fully automatically – and thus so precisely – that colour shade tolerances are limited to the minimum possible deviation. You benefit from short delivery times and a wide range of products.


Filling and storage

The filling of our products take place after the checking and approval of each individual batch by quality assurance in our on-site laboratory. Packaging sizes ranging from 5 kg to 1,000 kg are available for this purpose. Whether buckets, hobbocks, canisters, barrels or containers, we act in accordance with your requirements. Following the filling, the goods are either directly loaded or temporarily stored in our finished goods warehouse. This way, we provide you with a needs-based delivery.