History of our company

In the year 1910 Johann B. Dreisörner opened at Bad Holzhausen in today’s mill district of Minden-Lübbecke a wholesale shop for paints and lacquers to which soon after he added a lacquer production. In the first years the operation’s own production mainly comprised transparent lacquers for the painter’s trade. The product known best in those days was the DREISOL floor lacquer superfine, a highly oleiferous transparent lacquer which they produced according to their own hardening technique.

 In the twenties of the previous century the company extended its range of production and henceforth also supplied its products to the iron and metal working industries. The progress of the technical development led time and again to new products including among others the well-known air and oven-drying AGRICOLOR-KH lacquers for the agricultural machine industry.

 In the late forties of the previous century the founder’s son, Werner Dreisörner, joined the company to take over its management
Soon it shows that the production halls in no way were equal to the new standards. In 1950 Dreisol removed to a new plant in Holzhausen, Hartenkampstreet.To this were joint in the years to follow an in-house lacquer boiling shop in which oils were boiled, natural and copal resins melted, hardened and prepared for further processing as well as a putty factory.

Among the most important products of the fifties and sixties were the huminidity-regulating window paint system KONTAKT, the wall and facing paint brands DISPAROL, TEXIN and ELASTOFLEX as well as the machine lacquers under the brand name of AGRICOLOR.

In 1969 Werner Dreisörner sold the company to Solvay Deutschland GmbH. In the following year the construction of a new production hall on a 23.000 sq.m. large site in the "Hamerland" industrial estate was startet. The move into the new building took place between 1970 and 1974.

In the seventies the sales activities mainly focussed on industrial lacquers as well as special-purpose products, such as hobby and toy lacquers.

The ovberall objective and specialization was pursued consequently also in the eighties. Thus products were developed in the company-owned lab which like the patented phosphating process DREISOPAL made a distinct contribution to the positive development of the company in this period of time.

With effect from 01.01.1996 Dreisol GmbH & Co. KG was sold by Solvay Deutschland GmbH to Messrs. Bruno and Marcus Fischerbock. Since then Marcus Fischerbock is the managing partner of the company.

In the following years the market segments plastic and paper coating have been clearly developed and ranked with the pillars of the enterprise today. In the year 2003 glass varnishes were included in the programm. For the production of metal protective and plastic paints since the year 2005 Dreisol has one of the modern and powerful mix-and-dosing-appliance in the market.

The prority of the activities of the research department today and in future is the formulation of non-polluting coating systems which already now build a large part of the delivery programm.